About Us

Mankind is at the peak of the age of discoveries. Utilizing new technologies as well as knowledge inherited by our predecessors, discoveries are made on a daily basis, uncovering the mysteries of the universe layer by layer.

Unfortunately, even in this era of information technology, not many people have a timely access to these new, exciting discoveries. The internet is plagued by misinformation, unverified and less than credible news.

There’s also a gap between researchers and the media. Researchers doesn’t have a direct access to publish their discoveries in mainstream media. What more, the publication might not be reported accurately. This the gap that we seek to close.

The Next Daily is the new generation of online publication, serving you the most recent discoveries made in science and technology on a daily basis.

We partner with media organization worldwide with direct connection to researchers, universities and publications to help bring their discoveries in the limelight in an easy to read, shareable form.

At The Next Daily, we believe in the power of consistent and reliable reporting to inspire and move mankind forward.

For any enquiries, contact us at sales@thenextdaily.com.