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Effort underway to seal old mines, but some want them open

Oct 30, 2018

An Arizona man's fall into an old mine shaft this month put a spotlight on the many potentially dangerous old mines in the U.S. West.

Tropical Storm Oscar strengthens but still no threat to land

Oct 28, 2018

Tropical Storm Oscar continues swirling in the Atlantic Ocean, but it does not pose a threat to land

GM proposes nationwide zero-emissions vehicle sales mandate

Oct 27, 2018

General Motors says it will ask the federal government for one national gas mileage standard, including a requirement that a percentage of auto companies' sales be zero-emissions vehicles

The Latest: Washington state nuke site returning to normal

Oct 26, 2018

Employees at a nuclear weapons production site in Washington state who were ordered to stay inside when steam escaped from a tunnel containing radioactive waste have been released

2 Yosemite National Park visitors die in fall from overlook

Oct 26, 2018

A Yosemite National Park official says two visitors have died in a fall from a popular overlook

Officials planning to move Canadian wolves to Isle Royale

Oct 25, 2018

Officials plan to relocate several gray wolves from the Canadian province of Ontario to Isle Royale National Park this winter

The Latest: Some railings at Yosemite cliff where 2 fell

Oct 25, 2018

A Yosemite National Park official says a visitor reported Wednesday that two people had fallen to their deaths from a popular overlook

Chevron agrees to $160 million upgrade, fines to end probe

Oct 24, 2018

Federal officials say Chevron Corp. has agreed to pay a $2.95 million fine and spend $160 million on environmental improvements and upgrading oil refineries to resolve allegations it violated pollution laws

Arctic offshore production wells approved off Alaska's coast

Oct 24, 2018

US regulators have approved a plan for the first oil and gas production in federal Arctic waters

New York says Exxon misled investors about climate risks

Oct 24, 2018

New York's attorney general sues Exxon Mobil, saying company misled investors about risks climate change posed to its business

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